Cheap Bed Frame Sydney

Cheap Bed Frame Sydney For roughly two thirds of this time we’re conscious beings, considering the world within and without, and hastening our manners through the barriers of life. For another one third of this time we’re almost lifeless lumps of flesh, unconscious to all but our own dreams, as we lie flat in bed . Most of us understand that sleep is very important to health. Sleep behaviour, such as all human activities, is characterized by our civilization.

As medical anthropologists we investigate manners our cultural practices could be affecting our health. And we’ve discovered that how we’ve been educated to sleep could be among the most significant causes of various diseases plaguing our society.These are a few of the defined problems that help determine the way people sleep, all which have any potential impact on health. But, there’s a single cultural problem that tops the list of significance, and which could greatly influence your wellbeing status. It’s to do with your sleeping posture. Have you been sleeping on a firm, flat mattress, head down, with your own nose and eye compressed from the mattress and cushion. Or are you in your back with your head slightly raised, as is true for many native cultures which use hammocks or alternative non-flat surfaces for sleeping.


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